Coding and Communications Research Laboratory (CCRL) was established in 2001 at Hanyang University.

The main research interest of CCRL is in analysis and design of error-resilient and efficient schemes of error-correcting codes, post-quantum cryptography, and machine/deep learning. Especially, we have been working on various aspects of signal processing techniques for communication, storage, radar, cryptographic, and deep learning systems.

The current research areas of CCRL can be summarized as follows.

1) Error-correcting Codes (ECC)
– Error-correcting schemes for wireless communication systems
– Error-correcting schemes for memories such as NAND flash memory and DRAM
– Blind detection/identification of error-correcting schemes in a non-cooperative context

2) Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC)
– Lattice-based post-quantum cryptography
– Code based post-quantum cryptography
– Fully homomorphic encryption for deep learning
– Side-channel attack and defense of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms

3) Machine learning/Deep learning (ML/DL)
– Machine learning/Deep learning schemes for communication systems and autonomous vehicles
– Improving the robustness of deep neural networks through feature disentanglement and error-correcting output codes
– Analyzing and understanding the principles of learning and inference of various ML/DL models

4) Radar Signal Processing
– Analysis of various CFAR algorithms and derivations of optimal parameters
– Deep learning-based CFAR algorithms for military and commercial radar systems
– Camera and radar data fusion based on multi-modal DL schemes for autonomous vehicles

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